A project created in collaboration with Found Sound Nation, the Ouroborium is a labor of love which premiered at the TED Conference this year in Vancouver. After TED approached FSN about creating musical installation, no one could have planned how this concept of interconnectivity could unfold, and we strove to tell the story of its creation. We present the Ouroborium in its current phase-- an idea that evolved into a sonic, geodesic dome where strangers can come together to communicate, create and converse through music.

Found Sound Nation | TED

Co-directed, filmed, and edited with Ora Dekornfeld

Artistic Collaborators:
Taylor Ashton - 2D Animation
Temijun Doran - Additional Cinematography
Found Sound Nation - Music
Mitya Burmistrov - Music
Luisa Puterman - Music
Participants of TED2017 - Music

Found Sound Nation:
Jeremy Thal
Christopher Marianetti
Elena Moon Park
Kyla Rose Smith