Co-directors Nessa Norich and Hannah Roodman have created a music video that takes a punch at the patriarchy from two angles: satirizing the disembodying force of patriarchal oppression and celebrating the intersectional allyship of divinely embodied femmes. Inspired by Audre Lorde's Uses of the Erotic, a speech given by the black feminist and visionary poet in 1978, this work explores Lorde’s discourse on the liberatory power of the erotic.

This resistance art/music video is set to an original track, produced by composer Zachary Seman, with lyrics adapted from two sacred texts (The Apochryphal & Psalm 126:5-6). The track incorporates sound bytes from Audre Lorde's speech and begins with Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimonial given at the Kavanaugh hearings (September 2018), reminding the viewer that “as women, we need all the strength we can get,” that liberation is intersectional and bound together, now more than ever.

Well of Wills